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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a discrimination-free environment?

  • An environment where equal opportunity is a reality for all people?
  • Where all groups and their heritage are appreciated and accepted?
  • Where barriers are limited between diverse groups seeking community improvement?
  • Where people are not ostracised because of their beautiful traits as individuals?
  • Where community action is a commitment for everyone?

The Lawrence Alliance is dedicated to making this dream a reality by implementing citizen ideas and solutions.

The Lawrence Alliance is an Advisory Board to the Lawrence City Commission. We advocate for Lawrence citizens and work with the Commission to create a discrimination-free environment in Lawrence.

Vision and Mission Statements

To continually eliminate discrimination in our city, and to move with purpose toward the day when tolerance and justice flourish unhindered within and beyond our city limits.

The Lawrence Alliance provides a listening ear in our community, making its presence known, gathering information, and providing information to the city’s government and its citizens, advocating for the changes that must come.

The Lawrence Alliance
A not-for-profit organization
P.O. Box 442069 | Lawrence, Kansas 66044

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